February 2, 2011

Library Love

Guess where I am! Man, you're smart. That's right! I'm in the library. Doing mah homework. Well, obviously not doing my homework since I'm blogging. Buttttt that's because I already did my homework! Yay for me! I was super sad that I thought I was going to have to come here alone. But then my best friend Kristen and her nice boyfrandddd came with me! So now I'm not alone. And I can look at their pretty faces whenever I want!
Some things going on in the library:
-I got to read a fun Kindergarten Math book! It was adorable :) I can't wait to be a teacher.
-Some big ol' frat boys are talking about cats.
-The girl behind me...her phone is on vibrate and she's not answering it! What?

Also, today I was in the car driving back to school. I was looking through some CDs to pick out what I wanted to listen to. I chose mixed CDs from ex boyfriends. Because it's almost Valentine's Day and I wanted to sing love songs at the top of my lungs and feel sorry for myself that I don't have a boyfriend.

But guess what.
I got asked to babysit on Valentine's Day :)
I'd rather spend time with those two sweet babies than a boy anyday!

What are you doing today?



Grace said...

i love your new blog layout. way cute. i love reading but i hate going to the library for some reason. meh. i actually can't wait for valentine's although i don't even know what to expect cause my boyfriend has lost his romantic touch in him. he forgets that sometimes i love to get roses and flowers and teddy bears and even though those things aren't really important i still hope for them... ah... so now it sounds like i'm venting my frustrations hahaha. Kids are so cute, so i'm sure you'll have an awesome time. :)

Brooke said...

YAY for babysitting on Valentines Day! You should definitely make heart cookies :) ILOVE the new look!

Diana Smith said...

Your blog design is adorable! I love how you say you would love to spend kids rather than a boy on v day! Great attitude!

Relevant Notes Blog said...

I LOVE your blog design. Great colors :) I'm a complete library nerd, good times!