January 26, 2011

My Favorite Kind of Morning

I don't have class until 3:30 today.
Do you know what that means? Do you?
I'll tell you.
It means... r e l a x i n g 
All morning long!
I slept in! Until 9:30!
And made breakfast! Left over gluten free pancakes from earlier this week.
And I sat on my bed, ate my pancakes and watched I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant.
Best show ever. Sorta.
Then I made some hot tea.
Because my throat hurts :(
I'm also taking a ton of vitamins and supplements to make myself feel better.
And I got to catch up on blogging!
Have I ever told you guys how much I love you?
Because reading all of your sweet words makes my day.
I'll probably start in on some homework in a bit.
But for now...
I'm just relaxing :)


What are you doing this morning?


Shalyn said...

I'm so with you on this one- I start my last semester of school on Tuesday so until then- lazy bum!

I love the pregnant show as well...so hard to believe! And makes me want to take a pregnancy test every couple months! ha

Diana Smith said...

What a nice feeling! To be able to sleep in and not have anywhere to go! I miss those days!

vintch said...

relax and relish it, sweet friend! enjoy the rest of your day:) thank you for praying for nanno!

Kristen said...

This post has all of my favorite things! You, sleeping, gluten free pancakes, I didn't know I was pregnant, tea AND vitamins! Wish I could have enjoyed them all with you!

Brooke said...

Aw I miss those kind of mornings, sound great! and yeah they cost money. we went to a Gymboree once, but Bella wanted to do her own thing instead of what everyone else was doing and then she got sick ha.

Relevant Notes Blog said...

Hey, first time visiting your blog :) I love lazy mornings! My favorite days are those when my classes don't start until 1. So much better than having to get up and get going early!

Grace said...

sleeping in is the best and having a class that starts late is even better!