December 18, 2010

Tutorial: Ornament Wreath

My First Tutorial
This adorable Ornament Wreath makes a great gift or holiday decoration. It's fun and easy to make and will really get your creative juices flowing. Have fun!


1. A glue gun and plenty of glue!
2. A wire wreath. You can find several sizes at a craft store like Michael's
3. Lots of different colors, shapes and sizes of ornaments!
4. Optional: Your Mom, Starbucks, and Christmas Music!


1. Pick your colors!
2. Begin laying them out to see how everything will fit together.
3. Start gluing! Get creative!
4. Add extras! Fill in the holes with smaller ornaments, bells, ribbon, you name it! I used a small silver bird on mine!

My finished product!

Mom's finished product!

Well? What do you think? Cute? Tacky? Fun? Creative? Boring? Tell me your opinions! And if you try it out yourself, I'd love to see some pictures and hear some stories!


Brooke said...

MELISSA! Those are amazing :) I can't believe you made that. I've seen them around, but never saw someone actually make them. That's so neat!

Fariha M said...

so cute! i love the blue one. i have some spare ornaments that i can use to make one. thanks for the tutorial :)

ashley.warner said...

awesome idea!
i loveeeee this idea so much!
thanks for the tutorial!

i am gonna make one of these soon!


linsey grae said...

miss you, i hope you made that for me cause its cute and i NEED it. so um, just bring it when you come :) love you!

Megan said...

Love the pink and silver one, great idea.

Collette Osuna said...

Hello...I just stumbled on your blog and wanted to say HI...what a great DIY wreath....Ill be trying this one out for next year...super cute blog...Im your newest follower...nice to meet you:)

Stop by and say Hello:)
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Laura Darling said...

I think this is so cute! They look like something you would find in the craft store! Adorable! I just might have to try.

Chelsea Talks Smack said...

Such a great idea, LOVE IT!

ChinkyGirLMeL said...

Oh wow, this looks so cute and festive. Happy holidays!

Jenny said...

I like! The colors are great. :)