December 15, 2010

Love Note

First off, let me just put out there that this idea is completely and utterly stolen from the beautiful Linsey Grae. But anyways...

I have been having a hard time lately with the fact that I'm still single. I haven't dated since my senior year of high school, and let's face it, being single gets old! I see so many people so happy in their relationships, and although I know its hard work, I still can't help but be jealous sometimes. I have been praying lately about finding that right guy, and I realized that every day I wait for him, I am growing as a person. I learn new things about myself and am becoming a better person who will someday make a better wife. This is a letter to my future husband, that hopefully someday he will read!

Hello there Cutie Pants,
        I have dreamed about you since as far back as I can remember. I think about things like what you hands will feel like in mine, your smile, our children and our home. I want to hear your voice, see your face, and know your laugh. I pray that everyday you are growing closer to God and growing into the man that He wants you to be.
        I can't wait to meet you. I wonder if I already have. Maybe you are someone I barely know, or someone that I have passed without noticing. We might not have any idea who the other is, but we both know that God has each other picked out. I hope that you are looking forward to being with me as I am. 
        Even though it's hard not to be together now or to know who you are, I know that I am becoming the perfect woman for you as I pray that you are working to become the perfect man for you. I already love you so much, and the family that we will someday have. I know that you are going to lead me as a man should lead a woman. You will guide me in the direction the Lord has for us, and you will be my rock. We will love each other's flaw and praise each other's accomplishments. 
        So, my handsome partner-in-crime, I cannot wait to start out lives together. Until we meet, please continue your walk with God as I will continue mine, and someday our paths will cross!

Love Forever and Ever and Ever,

Forever Thine, Forever Mine, Forever Ours Beethoven 


Brooke said...

awwwww Melissa this is so cute and you will DEFINITELY find your man someday. Everyone has someone :)

check out
she writes letters to her future husband too!!

linsey grae said...

my idea :) but totally cute!
(thanks for the recognition girl!)

oh, and i miss you.

Jennifer said...

I wrote letters to my future husband when I was in college. Shortly after I started I met Jeremy, and well...we are living happily ever after. I have never let Jeremy read the letters.
A. He will make fun of me
B. I think they would be a special 10 year anniversary present

I pray that all you girls would find someone who loves you the way that Jeremy loves me. Do not settle. There is a man out their for you who will seek to love you as Christ loves the church. Love you all so much:)

Melissa Blake said...

This is a sweet letter, melissa!

morgan. said...

so beautiful.
God will really honor this, & honor your heart for seeking Him in your future relationship.